Happy Teachers’ Day!

To Sir, Ma’am, GG, Horse, and Motu:

It is no secret that I love to express my gratitude to our great teachers every 5th of September, a swipe of the finger through my Medium account can just confirm this statement. But, this Teachers’ Day is of course special in many ways good and bad. I am a stringent believer in emotions being expressed face-to-face, but the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be concurring. However, throughout the past three months (and our entire childhood, in fact) the school has never batted an eyelid when obstructed by worldly troubles. So, for once, the students shouldn’t either.

Our revolutionary methods of teaching have been highly incorporated into technology these past few months through Limit, Ink, and Math Delta. I couldn’t be more thankful for these perfectly designed apps. This year is a crucial year for me, and through the math softwares, my foundational knowledge has strengthened much more. It has improved my attention scale and focus, allowing me to be a better participant in the classes. It has also provided me with great enjoyment since they are not mundane mindless sums, but conceptual and intriguing. Ink has markedly helped my understanding of the skill of writing, through the feedback and regular assignments provided to us in it.

Online classes in other schools are an amalgamation of uninterested students, technologically illiterate teachers, and stressed parents. Our online classes have proved to be extremely successful, and students are able to enjoy the learning of a physical class seamlessly. All the discussions have been seamless, and I have enjoyed them thoroughly and learned as much as I would in a physical class. All of this is owing to the exceptional efforts of the teachers to have perfect classes even in these difficult times.

I still do miss some of the elements of school which can’t possibly be brought to us through a screen. I miss the common meeting, the casual tennis road walks, the Great Game, our collective admiration for Ginel, even the look of the school, and just pure banter with everyone. Sometimes, I do feel lonely and sad about this distancing from my favourite people in the world and would love to reunite with them.

But, this separation has instilled more gratitude in me for all that you all have done for us in the past and now. Thank you so much, for selflessly working day and night for us. Thank you for continuing your efforts in spite of discouraging behaviour from the students at times. Thank you to Sir, GG, and Horse who aren’t taking my class directly but improving my life every day through their background work. Thank you to Ma’am and Motu for taking amazing classes and teaching us innumerable lessons. You are more than the friends and teachers that you have been described in all my past writings, you are my entire support system.

Thank you all so much, and I wish you a very happy Happy Teachers’ Day!

From, Mahek




Trying to be an author, an entrepreneur, an activist, a technology expert, a psychologist, a judge, a leader and a student i.e a teacher.

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Mahek Choudhary

Mahek Choudhary

Trying to be an author, an entrepreneur, an activist, a technology expert, a psychologist, a judge, a leader and a student i.e a teacher.

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